We are full a service financial consultancy firm, offering our clients, through our partner firm, access to the traditional capital markets (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) as well as a broad spectrum of insurance services including services to seniors, under 65’s, employee benefit plans, and dental options. Additionally, we offer Long Term Care and traditional Life Insurance.

  • Discipline

While we take a measured, confident, long-term approach to our client needs, we employ nimbleness and embrace change in the constantly changing landscape of options for our clients.

  • Experience

Depth and Breadth: Our clients have diverse and extraordinary needs, as such we have developed a broad array of global and local solutions that spans geographies, asset accumulation,       net worth, personal styles and goals and objectives.Our experience affords us the ability to customize and package multi-goal world class solutions.

  • Knowledge

At Rammell Andrews, we have created a higher standard by building a team of partners with exceptional education, experience, and credentials. Our financial planning background enables us to build a customized, solution that fits with your overall financial situation. Our breadth of knowledge also enables us to collaborate with your tax professional, estate planning attorney, and other advisers to effectively manage and coordinate all aspects of your wealth and ensure the seamless flow of information among your professional advisers. We maintain meticulous records and data critical to your overall financial picture. We also partner with industry professionals in the event you have a need and will incorporate them as necessary for your success.

  • Integrity and Legacy of Trust

Integrity is defined as the adherence to moral and ethical principles, of sound moral character and honesty. Here at Rammell Andrews we are on the same side of the table as our clients. We are independent, and therefore are naturally committed to offering the best solutions to our clients, our only goal here is your success.

  • Community

The founder of the firm, Rob Aikey possesses a strong belief in community and believes in the power of giving. Rob and his wife Eva are heavily involved and dedicated to the Dallas Arts.   Rob is a Emeritus Board Member of the Dallas Children’s Theater, having served as VP of Development for two years and chaired various committees and events planning teams.

  • About the Founder

Rob Aikey boasts 21+ years in the Financial Services industry, prior to founding Rammell Andrews, Rob worked for Fidelity Investments in the Institutional and Plan Services Group           where he was director of a team of institutional sales professionals, manager of the needs based consulting group and worked on several business projects. Rob’s work at Fidelity included 401k plan design, investment selection, due diligence and ongoing service after implementation. As Vice President at Charles Schwab & Company in The Private Client Services group, Rob worked very closely with clients, performing portfolio construction, manager due diligence and selection as well as aiding clients in retirement planning and asset selection. Rob takes a very hands on approach with his clients, educating investors along the way, and communicates often.




Disclosure: Rammell Andrews is not a Registered Investment Advisory Firm. Financial advice is offered through Strategic Portfolio Solutions LLC, a RIA, and advice is not given without an investment management agreement.